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Thursday, November 4, 2010

3:30 PM - 4:15 PM
Track: Financial Services Track View Track


Sheli Gupta, Managing Partner - Life Sciences, KNOWLEDGENT
Alison Broomall, Social Business Practice Lead, KNOWLEDGENT
Panelists: Joseph R. Vito, CEO, NOMADIC CROSSINGS INC

The importance of social media has become paramount in today’s marketplace.  There’s just one major hurdle – not many companies utilize social media to effectively relay their business’ strategies, along with the necessary education,  to their clients, as well as their employees, for maximum return, loyalty and retention.  This panel discussion will provide insights from industry experts on how to embrace social media, and take advantage of the immense opportunities it affords.  Attendees will learn

•       The importance of organizational education around social media
•       How regulatory bodies are affecting how companies deal with social media
•       The benefits of social media and how they are worth the risk
•       How your company can humanize online interactions between you and your clients and thus increase trust levels
•       The emergence of online consumer voices as advocates and educators, and how this will affect your company, brands and reputation

•       SM Monitoring or Listening?  How does the answer shape the way you relate to your key stakeholders

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