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Thursday, June 3, 2010

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM


Aaron Zornes, Chief Research Officer, THE MDM INSTITUTE

MDM remains particularly important in today’s complex and harsh global business landscape – in part due to increasingly demanding suppliers, trading partners, customers … as well as financial challenges and government regulations.  Despite the ongoing economic crisis, analyst firms have declared MDM to be “recession proof,” as businesses strive to dramatically reduce costs, meet compliance reporting mandates, deliver increased sales and marketing effectiveness, and provide superior service to customers and suppliers.  MDM and its variants – customer data integration (CDI), product information management (PIM), and data governance (DG) – all significantly contribute to these tactical business priorities.

Enterprise-level master DG that includes the entire master data lifecycle (creation, promotion, archiving, …) is extremely difficult to execute for a number of reasons – organizationally and technically.  Yet increasingly this is being mandated as a core deliverable of large-scale MDM projects.  Through 2010-11, both major systems integrators and boutique consultancies will focus on productizing their DG frameworks / methodologies while MDM software providers struggle to link upstream DG processes with downstream MDM hubs.  By 2011-12, all mega vendor MDM solutions will evolve from “passive aggressive DG” mode to “active DG” wherein they provide the capabilities to capture business rules which in turn are propagated into an MDM.  By 2013, MDM and data governance will reduce costs associated with data redundancy by 50% or more for most large enterprises.

This keynote will focus on a key set of strategic planning assumptions facing IT organizations during 2010-15:

  • Understanding the current state of MDM & what the key trends & hot spots will be
  • Identifying the best MDM software & services partners to reinforce industry best practices & game-change scenarios
  • Forecasting how MDM will evolve in the next five years, & which vendors will dominate


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