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3:00 - 3:45 Mehmet Orun


TUTORIAL: Non-Instrusive Data Strategies for Customer Engagement


Mehmet Orun
Data Strategy Leader, Salesforce


Session Description

End-users ask for Customer MDM solutions to have a holistic understanding of their customers, however with many implementations, business value of accessing this 360 degree view is delayed. Many of the frequent questions asked by enterprise level managers of market-leading Cloud solution provider Salesforce include: Does SFDC have any MDM capability? How would it integrate with MDM hubs? How do we prevent duplicates? Should we block users from creating Accounts? How do we set up security so people only see the customers they should?
Cloud-based data services, integrated into the application platforms, enable many enterprises to realize benefits of traditional MDM solutions faster, while providing a stronger foundation for enterprise-wide MDM solutions. This session will discuss how to enable organizations to get to an improved degree of customer understanding, and how "controlled redundancy" and in-platform services can yield greater user experience and engagement in business applications. The tutorial will also provide a framework of iteratively reaching better managed customer data across faster project cycles.

Topics include:

• Shifting from technology- to business-focused data strategy definition

• Overcoming lack of governance rules & process controls which cause loss of insights

• Demonstrating the business value of Customer 360 “mastery” – Quality, Integration *and* Visualization – on both data quality & business operations


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