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10:45 - 11:30 Mani KeeranGi KimPreeti Sharma


CASE STUDY: Mastering ‘Parties/Counterparties’ Using Intelligent Graph Technologies


Mani Keeran
Manager of Information Architecture, Franklin Templeton Investments

Gi Kim
Information Architect, Franklin Templeton Investments

Preeti Sharma
Information Architect, Franklin Templeton Investments


Session Description

The last financial crisis and current regulatory needs highlight the importance of knowing the total exposures to counterparties. Knowing the exposures presupposes actionable metrics on consolidated transactions and risks, which may not be readily available in reality due to the fragmented nature of counterparty data.
This case study will discuss the concepts of applying (RDF) Graph Database technology to parties and counterparties master data regardless of industry focus.

In addition to sharing insights on future MDM practices related to Graph technology, the session’s topics include:

• Modeling an operational database with multiple master tables for counterparties using different contexts from various business processes

• Leveraging Graph-enabled analytics to discover & provide actionable metrics while mitigating RDBMS-caused expensive, frequent analysis of data & development of ETL logic

• Understanding & leveraging the advantages of Graph DB over RDBMS to better fully describe relationships between siloed tables


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