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10:50 - 11:40 Eva ChristieDale ChapmanAngie Pribor


CASE STUDY: A Holistic MDM Journey: It’s More than Technology


Eva Christie
Director, Enterprise Data Management, The Clorox Company

Dale Chapman
Director, IT Strategic Planning & Enterprise Capability, The Clorox Company

Angie Pribor
Sr. Enterprise Information Management Consultant, First San Francisco Partners


Session Description

Clorox is a leading Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) company with a diverse portfolio of cleaning, lifestyle and health care products. Over the past few years, the CPG industry has experienced a dramatic shift of power away from retailers to consumers who are increasingly demanding more variety, quality and transparency around Product Data and information. The impact of this shift is an increasing burden on the enterprise to both create and manage a breadth and volume of data not previously required. Compounding the consumer pull is the internal desire to expand Big Data and analytics capabilities, putting further demand on data management capabilities such as taxonomy, reference data and metadata management.

The Clorox response was to create a centralized Enterprise Data Management team to build out the data management vision and capabilities for the company. This team is organized around capability building, data governance process ownership and business user engagement as data owners and stewards. Significant effort has been expended to build a strong foundation of data management and governance processes and developing business accountability and ownership for the quality of the data. We will cover how Clorox has progressed on this journey.

Topics include:
• Linking MDM to industry trends and business strategy

• Shifting the Cultural to business ownership of data (business solutions vs. technology solutions)

• Building a foundation of Data Quality & Ownership

• Preparing to move to the next phase of technology enablement


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