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8:30 - 9:15 Preston GreggSolomon WilliamsDave WilkinsonAaron Zornes


Best Practices (What Really Works) in MDM & DG from Implementation Partner Perspective


Preston Gregg
General Manager, N.A., The Entity Group

Solomon Williams
Practice Manager, Master Data Management, DataSource Consulting

Dave Wilkinson
EVP Research & Development, The Entity Group

Aaron Zornes
Chief Research Officer, The MDM Institute


Session Description

The market for MDM and Data Governance services (readiness/maturity assessments, strategy/roadmap development, implementation, and continuity/maintenance) exceed US$4 billion by YE2016 (n.b. The industry benchmark is 3-4X that of the average US$1.5M software purchase price is required for consulting services to implement an enterprise-strength MDM hub. Broadly speaking, systems integrators (SIs) a.k.a. “implementation partners” have been essential to the success of the majority of MDM programs, yet previously incumbent SIs often remain less dominant. Data Governance assistance from SIs will remain especially vital to the success of MDM programs during 2017-18 as enterprises deal with a shortage of Data Governance experience, tools and tool expertise. Additionally, the market economic forces compelling both Big Data analytics and Cloud-enabled capabilities further strain the knowledge and expertise of even the most seasoned/advanced IT organization within most large enterprises.
The MDM Institute annually vets more than 75 global SIs in terms of their capabilities and track records. Clearly, each of the 2nd and 3rd tier consultancies (i.e. smaller than Accenture, Deloitte, PwC, et al) has copious best practice experienced gained from an average of 25-50 engagements per year minimum. This panel of seasoned practice leaders within such consultancies will share their hard earned experience and best practices by discussing topics such as:

• Working to integrate & leverage the Data Governance piece parts currently offered by the MDM & DG solution providers

• Optimizing the MDM platform acquisition phases (road maps/strategies, evaluations, POCs, stage 1 deployment, etc.)

• Understanding & leveraging the dynamics of the SI industry as they too move to an increasingly Cloud-based   “managed services” model


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