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2:45 - 3:15 Gayathri RamanCarolin Mathew


BEST PRACTICES: Harmonizing IT vs. Business Perspectives on “Data”


Gayathri Raman
Head of Data Governance - Commercial Banking, Bank of the West

Carolin Mathew
Data Strategy and Solutions BSA/AML Compliance, Bank of the West


Session Description

Alignment between IT and Business has been a subject of discussion and research for decades now especially in the world of “Data”. Yet the jury is still out on what exactly ticks for a successful partnership. While there is no simple and standard formula for this, the presenters will share their thoughts and experiences from decades of working with businesses to implement data solutions. Topics include:

• Confirming how we really collaborate

• Determining what drives both Business & IT to then find common ground

• Establishing whether we need a language translator


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