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11:40 - 12:30 Philippe de Smedt




Philippe de Smedt
Principal Architect, Chief Technology Office, Kaiser Permanente


Session Description

Kaiser Permanente (KP) is an integrated managed care consortium based in Oakland and operating in 10+ states. KP is the largest managed care organization in the US (9+ million members, 160K+ employees, 14K+ physicians and 37 medical centers with almost $50B revenues).

The changing dynamics of the healthcare industry and new opportunities to fully exploit the tremendous value in its data assets are driving a strategic transformation that is enabled by Big Data, MDM/RDM, data analytics, and metadata management technologies, among others.

This ever increasing focus on data necessitates strong and comprehensive Data Governance, covering the disciplines and platforms that provide an enterprise-wide foundation for provisioning consistent, high-quality, and timely data to all parts of the organization. This talk focuses on Kaiser’s innovative approach to these disciplines, including MDM/RDM and metadata management, and how Data Governance interacts with Enterprise Architecture to ensure that new strategic data systems are built on a solid data governance foundation.


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