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2:00 - 2:45 Vikram (Vik) GundojuKyle Christiansen


CASE STUDY: Enterprise-Grade Open Source PIM – An Important Option for Modern IT


Vikram (Vik) Gundoju
Partner, StrikeTru

Kyle Christiansen
Applications Architect, Market America/


Session Description

Legacy operations involve high cost and complexity in aggregating, managing, and sharing an ever increasing amount of product information with customers, trading partners, regulatory agencies, and consumers. A PIM solution makes it easy to manage and distribute product data. An enterprise-grade open source PIM solution has the best chance of helping IT reduce costs, operate more efficiently, and gain quick access to innovations in PIM. Despite the success of well-known commercial open source technologies, many IT leaders often do not fully understand the benefits and value of open source technologies.

This session will review key open source MDM capabilities including: master, reference and metadata management; digital asset management: data governance: marketplace connectors; and product data synchronization between ERP, PLM, sales, and marketing applications.  Specific attention will be given to Akeneo which is the market-leading open source enterprise PIM.

To further the understanding of open source PIM, a case study discussing Shop.Com’s leverage of Akeneo to modernize its IT landscape and become more agile in managing its global, multi-site, multi-language, multi-currency, and multi-channel commerce operations

To highlight how open source PIM can accelerate enterprise success, StrikeTru and Shop.Com will present these topics:

  • Understanding the business & technology benefits of enterprise-strength open source technologies for PIM
  • Overcoming the prejudices & misinformation that plague open source decision-making

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