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1:00 - 3:00 John Wollman


Reference Data Governance & Management Tutorial


John Wollman
Executive VP, HighPoint Solutions


Session Description

RDM is a relatively new offspring of MDM functionality to provide the processes and technologies for recognizing, harmonizing and sharing coded, relatively static data sets for reference by multiple constituencies.  Mismatches in reference data can have a major impact on data quality, can affect the integrity of BI reports, is a common source of application integration failure and often negatively impacts regulatory reporting.  Home-grown RDM systems suffered for a number of reasons, and organizations are now acquiring commercial RDM solutions that are easily configured and have the full ongoing support of a software vendor.

Moreover, RDM use cases are increasingly being approached by enterprises as entry points into the broader world of MDM.  This tutorial will explore the relationship and dependencies between RDM and MDM by:

  • Rationalizing the trade-offs between multi-domain RDM solutions & do-it-yourself RDM
  • Determining whether RDM might serve as a suitable proof-of-concept for the utility, performance & ease-of-use evaluation for a general purpose MDM solution (CDI, PIM, multi-domain)
  • Understanding the business value & evaluation criteria for standalone RDM solutions versus MDM-enabled RDM



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