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1:00 - 3:00 Aaron ZornesEd Allburn


MDM & Data Governance Boot Camp Tutorial


Aaron Zornes
Chief Research Officer, The MDM Institute

Ed Allburn
President, CEO, DataDelta


Session Description

Here's an excellent opportunity to improve your success as an enterprise/data/solutions architect or other IT professional embarking upon your first MDM or Data Governance initiative.  During this fast-paced workshop, you'll learn firsthand the best practice insights every IT professional must know to fast-track success and minimize risk. This is your pre-conference opportunity to meet with the “Godfather of MDM” to ask the questions and set your own personalized agenda to maximize your conference experience. 

The speakers’ reputations for cutting through the hype to deliver a no-nonsense view of what you need to know will provide insights into proven approaches to delivering business value along with the insiders’ view of strategic implications of these fast-evolving technologies.

Combining presentations and case studies, this power session's proven agenda is practical, personal and uniquely tailored on-site to the needs of the participants.  The speakers will share real world insights from surveys and discussions with over 1,500 MDM programs to provide guidance concerning:

  • Initiating a successful MDM, RDM and/or MDG program



  • Convincing the business to take a leadership role with the goal to deliver measurable ROI



  • Choosing the right MDM, RDM and/or MDG solutions despite a rapidly churning market -- multi-domain MDM, reference data management, hierarchy management, identity resolution, big data, social MDM, semantic databases and more


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