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11:00 - 11:45 Alice BazdikianDarren Peirce


KEYNOTE: Best Practices in Proactive MDM


Alice Bazdikian
Manager of Master Data Management, Labatt Breweries of Canada, the Canadian subsidiary of AB Inbev

Darren Peirce
CTO, Magnitude Software


Session Description

Like many businesses, ABinBev (ABI) needed to support real-time decision making and eliminate inefficient and redundant activity, without compromising on governance, by taking advantage of a proactive MDM approach. With several regional operational systems, each with their own distinct and overlapping sets of business critical master data, as well as an enterprise wide SAP deployment, ABI recognized the need to efficiently support delivery, fulfillment, routing and sales operations. To address the issue, ABI turned to Magnitude Software and its MDM solution (Kalido) to build an integrated and harmonized view of multiple data domains, including product and customer, as well as govern the master data across SAP and the line of business applications. This enabled ABI to focus on operating the business and analyzing data at any level of segmentation, rather than spending time formatting and harmonizing inconsistent and incomplete data.

Over the course of this implementation, ABI learned that success was as much a matter of having the right technology as it was a function of having the right processes in place within the organization to ensure ideal outcomes. This session will review the implementation process and share lessons learned over the course of building a customized master data solution, as well as specific examples of business use cases and outcomes. Key lessons for attendees will center around:

  • Aligning business processes & master data
  • Enabling a one-stop shop for master data
  • Ensuring effective governance & ownership in a siloed project landscape


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