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12:30 - 1:30 Dennis RossiMark Fox


IIS Lunch: Keys to MDM Implementation Success


Dennis Rossi
Master Data Management Competency Lead, Knowledgent

Mark Fox
Solutions Partner, Knowledgent


Session Description

Are you about to embark on an MDM project?  Is your implementation underway and starting to face some challenges? Or perhaps you are just getting started  learning.  Regardless of your exposure to MDM, you've undoubtedly heard as many "horror stories" as you have "success stories."

Despite significant advances in MDM platform capabilities in this ever-evolving space along with growing availability of resources to share use-cases, patterns and overall knowledge, MDM projects continue to face challenges. This session will go beyond clichés such as “You can’t do MDM without Data Governance” or “Start small and build incrementally” to relay real-world experiences and "lessons-learned that when implemented, will most certainly have a positive impact on your MDM project.  Hear from hands-on practitioners who have helped organizations navigate MDM, from strategic concept through to physical deployment, and come away better positioned to ensure your own project starts off, and stays, on track.


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