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3:30 - 5:30 Lars Nordwall


Graph Database Use Cases & Implementation Styles for MDM Tutorial


Lars Nordwall
COO, Neo Technology


Session Description

“Your Master Data Is a Graph”.  Whether it’s the organization master or a product master involving complex hierarchies and relationships, Master Data invariably takes the form of a graph or network, and is best modeled, stored and queried using a native graph technology.  Whether you are using a packaged MDM solution or a building a custom MDM solution, a Graph Database can help you get a higher ROI by reducing complexity, increasing agility and improving the speed and efficiency of you Master Data initiative.

Join this session to learn how a Graph Database fits into your MDM solution and how market-leading organizations like Pitney Bowes, Cisco and UBS are gaining significant competitive advantage by adopting different MDM implementation styles to incorporate graph technology into their solution portfolio.  Topics to be discussed include:

  • Understanding how a graph database complements MDM – from personalized product & service recommendations to websites adding social capabilities
  • Identifying the benefits of different MDM implementation styles – ranging from using Graph Database as the primary repository for your Master Data to using a Graph Database to build a metadata registry
  • Learning from industry-proven best practices in adopting Graph Databases



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