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10:00 - 11:15 Aaron Zornes


Field Report: The 'Top 15' MDM Solutions


Aaron Zornes
Chief Research Officer, The MDM Institute


Session Description

Evaluating MDM solutions is comparable to purchasing your first home— too many new variables, lack of transparency in the pricing, and high pressure sales tactics. On top of this pressure, IT executives have to contend with the marketing dogma of ongoing “stack wars” among the mega vendors and the dogmatic “we are the world” viewpoints of MDM and (even) Business Process Management (BPM) vendors. To cope during 2016-17, many large enterprises will increasingly mandate a unified approach to both data and process architecture/design/management tools. This session will focus on the why and how of MDM platform technical evaluations by providing insight into:

  • Understanding the pros & cons of the dominant architectural models & evaluation criteria— e.g., pro-active data governance, identity resolution, hierarchy management, scalability, Big Data & Cloud integration capabilities, etc.
  • Assessing the vendor landscape— e.g., registry, data hub, ultra-hub, EAI/EII, portals, SOA-based web services, data service provider, system-centric BPM, human-centric BPM, etc.
  • Applying a rigorous methodology to product evaluations for both mega vendor solutions (IBM MDM, Informatica MDM, Microsoft MDS, Oracle MDM, SAP MDG) and more pure play (Ataccama, Enterworks, IBI MD Center, Magnitude, Orchestra Networks, Riversand, Semarchy, Stibo, Talend, Teradata, TIBCO, Vinculum, Visionware, et al)



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