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4:45 - 5:15 Aaron Zornes


EXPERTS PANEL: Best Practices in MDM for CUSTOMER Master


Aaron Zornes
Chief Research Officer, The MDM Institute


Session Description

The ability to deliver a single, trusted, shareable view of customer is universally seen as a key business strategy for commercial and public sector enterprises. Yet most enterprises struggle to provide even a 90, let alone a 360, view of those entities. While historically, many organizations and vendors originally focused on derivatives of CRM, ERP or other vertical industry solutions as their system of record, industry-leading enterprises have since moved on to multi-domain MDM, Big Data/Social MDM and other key augmentations to that original concept. This panel will focus on answers to such questions as:

  • Establishing the seeds to grow customer data integration (CDI) — e.g., compliance & risk management; cost optimization & efficiency; cross-sell, up-sell & retention
  • Determining the pace to embrace multi-domain MDM, Big Data, Cloud MDM & Social MDM
  • Rationalizing an "MDM of CUSTOMER hub" architecture with the reality of multiple ERP, CRM & other MDM hubs


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