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2:15 - 2:45 Sunil Soares


EXPERTS PANEL: Best Practices in Data Governance


Sunil Soares
Founder & Managing Partner, Information Asset LLC.


Session Description

Data Governance is vital to success of MDM projects – both initially and ongoing.  During 2016-17, enterprises will increasingly mandate that “no MDM program be funded without the pre-requisite Data Governance framework.”  Moreover, “proactive Data Governance” that includes the entire master data lifecycle will increasingly be mandated as a core deliverable of most large-scale MDM projects.  Given the substantial investment required for MDM programs, the co-dependence/synergy of MDM and Data Governance must be given close scrutiny – not only to contain costs, but also to insure success.  Beyond committees, councils and stewards, what is the real work to be done, who should do it and what is the impact if not done properly?  This panel will focus on the answers to such questions to help understand the relationship and dependencies between MDM and Data Governance by discussing:

  • Communicating to executive management why Data Governance is essential as phase zero deliverable & determining initial ROI of such investments



  • Determining criteria for evaluating the currently marketed Data Governance capabilities of mega vendors, specialist vendors & systems integrators/consultancies



  • Establishing metrics for measuring the success of an ongoing Data Governance program


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