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3:45 - 4:15 Laurie Strehl


CASE STUDY: Practical Product Data Governance


Laurie Strehl
Global Data Leader, Bristol-Myers Squibb


Session Description

Enterprises continue to expand the scope and discover new complexities as they seek a "single view" of product data.  What starts out as an organization's master product data soon becomes a complex PIM (product information management) program spanning other domains and use cases (such as enterprise architecture, analytical MDM, and new product introduction (NPI) or product lifecycle management (PLM).  Additionally, many organizations are continue to struggle with how MDM of product data relates to ERP, CRM, data warehouse, and other master data initiatives. The end result is that MDM of product data quickly becomes more complex and challenging for even type “A” IT organizations.  This panel of experts has already navigated these certain of these journeys and will share their experience in:

  • Rationalizing between PIM-flavored MDM or MDM-flavored PIM
  • Preparing for web-specific content, digital assets & records management as MDM converges across governance of product, customer & location data
  • Evolving from MDM of product data to multi-domain MDM alongside the ongoing socialization of PIM



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