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4:15 - 4:45 Sridhar Iyengar


CASE STUDY: MDM to Improve Customer Relationships & Drive Loyalty


Sridhar Iyengar
Global Application Operations Manager, Bose Corporation


Session Description

Bose Corporation is a privately held American corporation and global retailer that specializes in audio equipment (US$3.5B and 11,700 people per Forbes 2015 estimates).  According to a Forrester report, Bose's brand name was among several computer and consumer electronics brands most trusted by US consumers.  Clearly, understanding and responding to customer demand is a main factor in Bose’s marketing success.  And increasingly, highest quality customer data enabled by MDM drives marketing, sales and engineering/[product development.  When building the business case for MDM within your organization, you’ll probably reference existing pain points and promise solutions for long-standing data problems.  But what about benefits that go beyond simple integration and data cleansing? What if MDM could both improve internal operations and also unlock new analytic insights?

In this case study, Bose’s MDM team leader will share his experiences in undertaking a recent large-scale MDM implementation for customer data.  He’ll explore how MDM went beyond simple problem-solving and added new value for the company in the realm of customer relationships and loyalty. 

Various aspects of the Bose MDM story to be discussed, include:

  • Understanding how MDM came to be a key driver for improving customer relationships & driving loyalty
  • Documenting why on-demand scalability in an MDM platform is so important
  • Championing aspects of the MDM system that have provided unexpected value for the business





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