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4:15 - 4:45 Aaron Zornes


BEST PRACTICES: Field Report: The 'Top 10' RDM Solutions


Aaron Zornes
Chief Research Officer, The MDM Institute


Session Description

The impact of poor or non-existent reference data management (RDM) is profound.  Errors in reference data ripple outwards affecting quality of master data in each domain, which in turn affects quality in all dependent transactional and analytical systems.  Because reference data is used to drive key business processes and application logic, errors in reference data can have a major negative and multiplicative business impact.  More than 55% of large enterprises surveyed by the MDM Institute are planning on implementing RDM in the next 18 months.  This session will focus on the “why” and “how” of RDM by providing insight into: Why is RDM mission critical today?  How does RDM differ from (how is it similar to) MDM?  What are the top business drivers for RDM?  Where are most organizations focusing their RDM efforts?  Topics to be discussed include;

  • Understanding the pros & cons of commercial RDM solutions vs. custom-built (“Buy vs. Build”)
  • Applying a “top10” evaluation criteria methodology to product evaluations for both mega vendor solutions (IBM RDM Hub, Informatica, Oracle DRM) and more pure play (Ataccama, Collibra, Magnitude, Orchestra, Software AG, Teradata, TopQuadrant, et al)
  • Planning for the future of RDM (dimension management for Big Data marts) & its relationship to overall MDM programs


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