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4:15 - 4:45 Ken ReadusEd Ahearn


BEST PRACTICES: Managing Change to Ensure Data Governance Success


Ken Readus
Director of MDM, Data Governance and Business Strategy Solutions, eVerge Group

Ed Ahearn
Director, Customer Data Management, Hologic Corporation


Session Description

Implementation means change.  A Data Governance implementation, in particular, involves changing your information management culture, processes and policies.  It means asking people to change the way they think and behave about how data is accessed and used.  And more often than not, it means diving into the unfamiliar or unknown.

If there is to be any chance of success with a Data Governance implementation, you must plan for and manage that change.  Companies often blame poor data management infrastructure when a Data Governance implementation fails. In reality, while that can make it more difficult, it isn't usually the biggest obstacle to success.

This presentation will share customer examples, best practices and industry experience how to successfully implement a strong change management program for Data Governance.  Specifically, this session will review the Four P's and related industry best practices for Data Governance.

  • PURPOSE: Why the company is implementing data governance - why it is important to the business & why it is important to the individuals in the organization
  • PICTURE:  What the future state will be once Data Governance is implemented
  • PLAN: Actual steps & a timeline to get to the future state
  • PARTICIPATION: What each individual's role will be both during the transition & once at the future state



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