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3:00 - 3:45 Omer Farooque


TUTORIAL: Emerging Trends Redefining the PIM Landscape


Omer Farooque
VP of Products & Platform Strategy, Riversand Technologies


Session Description

This tutorial will focus on discussing emerging trends around how current enterprise data strategies are focused on  “data you know” and “how to manage it” – not on “data you don’t know”, “how to interpret it” and “why manage it” in the first place.  The information landscape is changing much more rapidly than anticipated – making the current “How” approaches dated and flawed.  This tutorial will look at enumerating the implications of these trends on the Product Information Supply chain in Retail, CPG & Distribution industry verticals with examples ranging from:

  • Leveraging “speed to market” from an NPI perspective vs. “segmenting products across the long tail”
  • Establishing competitive intelligence analysis & decision making to improve sales of products across or within channels
  • Harvesting interactions to infer & improve on vendor score carding / collaboration through effective governance mechanisms & tools


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