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3:00 - 3:45 Lars Nordwall


TUTORIAL: How to turn MDM into Competitive Advantage


Lars Nordwall
COO, Neo Technology


Session Description

Companies routinely invest in MDM projects and MDM technology, and too often feel they get routine results at best. Technology’s promise is not simply to automate processes, but to open routes to new ways of doing business. Company leaders don’t question the value of MDM anymore, but struggle to make use of it with traditional technologies, to be able to adapt to changing markets.

Mr. Nordwall will talk about the impact of new MDM technologies, especially Neo4j, a graph database technology. Nordwall will explain how the Panama Papers was unraveled by ICIJ (using Neo4j), how Cisco is standardizing MDM with Neo4j, and how Monsanto and toy manufacturer Schleich stay competitive using Neo4j.



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