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9:30 - 10:20 Scott Taylor


KEYNOTE: Building the Data-Inspired Enterprise: Why Master Data is the Foundation for Your Company’s Growth


Scott Taylor
Market Development & Innovation, Dun & Bradstreet


Session Description

Master data, the common business data about your products and services, the customers you sell to and the suppliers you buy from, is quite simply the most important data your company has. Its successful management is vital for growing your business and mitigating risk. So why is it so hard to explain the value of MDM to your C-level leadership? Fear not! The convergence of market megatrends and the need to understand how to expose and exploit your most valuable relationships will result in the non-negotiable need to fully enable your MDM program. 

In this keynote, we’ll explore about not settling for “data-driven” when you can be “data-inspired”.  In discussing a major case study that illustrates this approach, you will also learn how the vital foundation of commercial entity hierarchy management can be delivered via Master Data as a Service (M-DaaS). 

Topics include:

  • Uncovering MDM value across your enterprise & linking it to your company’s core strategic initiatives
  • Evaluating your MDM maturity level in light of market megatrends
  • Leveraging proven “best practice” approaches for mastering customer & vendor data



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