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12:30 - 1:30 An-Chan Phung


Industry Innovation Session: Enabling Business Users at the Point of Customer Contact via “Embedded MDM”


An-Chan Phung
Chief Technology Officer, VisionWare


Session Description

Your customers want a unified view of your organization across all touchpoints as much as you need to create a single view of them to create customer-centric differentiation. The reality is that today the effectiveness of customer-facing systems and staff is being significantly impeded by missing, incomplete and inaccurate data that is being held in disparate silos across the organization. This session introduces the concept of ‘embedded MDM’ where business users are enabled to make the right decisions around service provision at the point of customer contact by leveraging the benefits of a single view of the truth directly through CRM. With 84% of IT decision makers believing that data is critical to effective business process, attend this session to explore how CRM systems can become a portal into previously disconnected data sources across the enterprise by making the features and functionality of MDM available to end-users in real time. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Executing “enterprise search” & “active registration” to manage the interconnected customer & reduce failure demand
  • Understanding the business outcomes that organizations are achieving through “embedded MDM”
  • Leveraging “embedded MDM” as the key to accelerating CRM migration & consolidation



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