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9:15 - 10:00 Erik O'Neill


BEST PRACTICES: Trusted Data in the Cloud via Master Data Governance


Erik O'Neill
MDM Product Management, IBM


Session Description

“Cloud” has changed all the rules yet the need for trusted, accurate master data remains. Organizations want the flexibility, speed and cost-effectiveness of Cloud deployment options, so they can control the services they need, how long they need them and scale as their business needs demand. Enterprises are looking to deploy MDM on the cloud and govern data across a variety of environments and external applications, but the decision to move to the Cloud is not as simple as "go" or "no go". In most cases, it requires a combination of resources in a hybrid approach. This session explains how enterprises can grow and scale MDM into the cloud to support managing master data across dynamic hybrid cloud architectures.  Including a North American case study, topics to be discussed include:

  • Combining the power, flexibility & agility of Cloud applications with the security of an on-premise MDM
  • Rapidly connecting SaaS / Cloud & on premise applications in just days using database, custom applications, web services & connectivity protocols
  • Applying a configuration approach (no coding) to cloud integration via wizard-driven templates which leverage best practices & previous success



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