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10:45 - 11:30 Mehmet Orun


CASE STUDY: Journey to Customer Relationship Mastery


Mehmet Orun
Data Strategy Leader, Salesforce


Session Description

End users ask for Customer MDM solutions to have a holistic understanding of their customers, however with many implementations, business value of accessing this 360 view is delayed.

Cloud-based data services, integrated into the application platforms (HMS's offering for Pharma, offering of Salesforce) allow companies to realize many of the benefits of traditional MDM solutions faster, while providing a stronger foundation for enterprise-wide MDM solutions.

This session will discuss how to enable organizations to get to an improved degree of customer understanding, and how "controlled redundancy" and in-platform services can yield greater user experience and engagement in business applications. We will also provide a framework of iteratively reaching better managed customer data across faster project cycles.



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