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4:15 - 4:45 Syed Haniff


CASE STUDY: Governance of Global Reference Data


Syed Haniff
Software Architect, UBS, Group Data Services , UBS


Session Description

With 15,000 employees across 30+ countries, UBS Investment Bank understands the need to coordinate master data across its diverse financial services organizations.  UBS Reference Data Services is responsible for the mastering and provision of a number of master data domains to hundreds of consumers throughout the bank. These consumers range from trading systems, needing near real time access to the data to batch-driven processes aggregating trade data as part of end of day processing. All of this needs to take place in a highly regulated environment where the availability and quality of the data provided is paramount.

Managing the journey of the data from source to consumer is a complex task, and this session focuses on how UBS has used graph database technologies to both manage this metadata and gain valuable insights in to who is using the master data and how.  Topics include:

  • Focusing on more than master data by processing & managing relationships & hierarchies between entities



  • Leveraging graph database technologies to manage & analyze complex relationships



  • Applying diverse middleware methodologies (Web Services/ Messaging) to present reference data to variety of end users across a global enterprise



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