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2:00 - 2:45 Conrad ChuangEdie AshtonDanielle Cuteri


CASE STUDY: Implementing Integrated Data Governance


Conrad Chuang
Director - Product Marketing, Orchestra Networks

Edie Ashton
Principal, The Carlyle Group

Danielle Cuteri
Associate Vice President, The Carlyle Group


Session Description



The Carlyle Group is a global alternative asset manager with $183 billion of assets under management. There are multiple facets to their business: investment vehicles that span four segments and multiple industries, a global workforce, and multiple compliance regimes to navigate.  This multifaceted environment meant that The Carlyle Group needed a comprehensive data governance program that would both enforce consistency across their business domains and integrate with master and reference data management as well as entitlements and access management initiatives.


This session will cover how The Carlyle Group implemented “integrated Data Governance” by covering these topics:

  • Designing a holistic Data Governance program
  • Managing their business glossary, data dictionary & data lineage
  • Integrating Data Governance with master & reference data along with initiatives in entitlements & access management 




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