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8:30 - 9:15 Fawad Butt


CASE STUDY: Data Governance – The First 180 Days


Fawad Butt
Chief Data Governance Officer, Kaiser Permanente


Session Description

Kaiser Permanente (KP) is an integrated managed care consortium based in Oakland and operating in 10+ states. KP is the largest managed care organization in the US (9+ million members, 160K+ employees, 14K+ physicians and 37 medical centers with almost $50B revenues).  As a result of the Affordable Health Care Act, this non-profit integrated health system is both challenged and incented to become more business-to-consumer (B2C).  As part of this ongoing strategic transformation, key technologies such as MDM and Big Data need to be harnessed to help drive the transformation.  And necessarily both of these need to be managed by Data Governance to be efficient and effective.

This presentation will provide insights into the process of executing an enterprise-level Data Governance topics by discussing topics such as:

  • Implementing “business-led” governance to understand major issues & opportunities for enterprise effectiveness across multiple diverse constituencies & stakeholders
  • Developing a multi-year phased roadmap of proposed Data Quality initiatives, quick wins & overall sequence to develop foundational master data capabilities to meet critical business needs & objectives
  • Establishing governance processes to diverse operating units to coordinate their activities while increasing agility to meet regulatory reporting


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