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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

10:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.


Angie Pribor, Sr. Enterprise Information Management Consultant, FIRST SAN FRANCISCO PARTNERS

Designed to address more mature programs, this tutorial covers the issues and approaches to sustaining Data Governance and value creation over time, amongst a changing business and personnel environment.

Data Governance is becoming a more mature and better understood practice that reduces risk and creates value across all industries. Many organizations have launched Data Governance programs either to support technology initiatives such as MDM, or to address compliance issues – e.g., Basel & LEI in the Financial Services industry, The Sunshine Act & Unique Device Identification in the Health and Life Sciences sector, etc.  And many companies have even launched Data Governance initiatives more than once!  Part of the reason many companies find themselves needing to re-launch Data Governance program(s) more than once and over time, is that it is challenging to maintain the enthusiasm and excitement that accompanies a newly initiated program.

In this tutorial, we will address the challenges of making Data Governance an “On-Going Concern” in your organization and how to sustain a program for the long term.  Which obstacles do DG programs and their managers encounter after a program is in existence and how to deal with them? Topics to reinforce the means to embed Data Governance into the company operations include:

  • Re-energizing your program after a key player (or two) leave … & other personnel challenges
  • Understanding the role of metrics & why they are critical
  • Leveraging Communication & Stakeholder Management practices to maintain commitment




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