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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

2:30 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.


Brad Williams, Data Management Lead, Global IT, CARGILL INC.

Cargill is the US's largest private corporation (US$134B annual revenues) whose diverse operations include: grain, cotton, sugar, and petroleum trading; financial trading; food processing; futures brokering; and agricultural services-including animal feed and fertilizer production. Cargill is in the midst of a multi-year global process, technology and data business transformation. One aspect of this is a dedicated focus on all aspects of master data classification, standards, definitions, creation, maintenance, quality and governance. To achieve this, Cargill created a model and governance which classifies master data into three major categories: Reference, Core and Conditional. The approach for Reference Master Data differentiates between that which is Configuration vs. Non-Configuration. The goal is to ensure systemic rigor for the master data lifecycle to be leveraged across all systems within the corporate landscape and enable information to be turned into a competitive advantage while supporting data consistency, low maintenance costs, and one version of the truth for all levels of users. Topics to be presented during this session include:

  • Defining Reference Master Data using a Master Data Object Inventory
  • Establishing a governance model which meets both enterprise and business unit needs
  • Rationalizing standards and monitoring in place for Reference Master Data affairs

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