I attended wanting to get a jump up to get started doing MDM & DG and it has certainly done that. Excellent!
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How often do you sit at a conference for days and wish it hadn't ended. Great sessions today at #MDMDG
-2013 Conference Attendee

At #MDMDG listening to @azornes perform his annual rip through the top 15 #MDM vendor solutions. Fun (for data geeks) and
-2013 Conference Attendee

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

12:45 p.m. - 2:15 p.m.


Workshop Leader: Vin Siegfried, Managing Partner, ELEVONDATA
Workshop Leader: Rohit Tandon, Managing Partner, ELEVONDATA

Every day a new application of Big Data is in the news. Meanwhile back at the ranch, your multi-year MDM project is grinding along. How do you seize the opportunity to apply Big Data as well as lean project management concepts to accelerate delivery and effectiveness? What approaches matter? What are the integration points? Which vendors have interesting offerings that can help move you in the right direction? Synthesizing leading edge concepts with accepted industry standard techniques can offer higher degrees of agility, time to market and overall business effectiveness. Learn how Big Data matters to MDM, where the integration opportunities lie, what the barriers are to entry and what are possible outcomes. 

The tutorial will be conveyed from a practitioner and not a theoretical perspective. Material will include use cases where Big Data should be considered; integration architectures; discussion of risks and how to mitigate them; capsulizing and pitching agile opportunities to senior management; how to make it clear that these are opportunities which complement your MDM strategy. After the workshop, attendees will be able to:

Identify the highest opportunity, lowest risk areas where Big Data can be leveraged for MDM

Understand which vendor products are most relevant to this space

Understand how to communicate the value proposition for these unique and agile opportunities


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