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Thursday, July 18, 2013

9:30 AM - 10:20 AM


Rick Clements, Program Director, Data Integration and MDM Product Marketing, IBM
Suzanne Monthofer, Enterprise Information Architect

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Rightfully so, organizations embark on MDM laser focused on a key business initiative in one part of the organization. When that project succeeds, what’s next? Address new domains? Tackle reference data? Dive into big data? Organizations are committed to improving the customer experience and better understanding customer preferences and behavior. MDM, by definition, focuses on the highest value entities within an organization. Many organizations imagine that they would like to analyze social media to determine customer sentiment, but do they know who their customers are? Do they know their best customers? Integration points between MDM and big data include ingesting and analyzing unstructured data, creating master data entities, loading new profile information into the MDM system, sharing master data records or entities with the big data platform as the basis for big data analysis, and reusing the MDM matching capabilities in the big data platform such as customer matching. Together big data and MDM can help extract insight from the increasing volume, velocity, variety, and decreasing veracity of data, in context, beyond what was previously possible. This session will show how market-leading enterprises use MDM and Big Data by discussing the benefits of:

  • Augmenting traditional product information data with dynamically derived product traits based on web and social media feedback
  • Improving customer service’s ‘360-degree view’ by adding in unstructured content alongside structured customer and product master data
  • Enhancing marketing and sale’s ‘360-degree view’ by deriving additional insight from social media


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