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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

3:45 PM - 5:00 PM


Matt Siomra, Founder/Director, MASSEY-CRAWFORD GROUP (TORONTO)

Matt Siomra will lead this workshop based on his experiences since 2005 designing, selling and delivering MDM solutions from IBM (DWL’s MDM Server) and Informatica (Siperian’s MDM Hub). Matt has led the delivery of large-scale enterprise solutions since 1998 and is a founder in a partnership with other recognized experts committed to the pragmatic use of enterprise class technologies and delivery techniques. This workshop will be the forum to learn and discuss what your peers are currently considering with regards to master data management beyond the established technologies.

Attendees will discuss the results of a Canadian market research study towards answering  the questions that market leading IT and business managers are asking about MDM's intersection with the game-changing (and career-enhancing or complicating) technology trends — big data, social networking, ubiquitous mobile and Cloud-based delivery.

As a basis for this session let’s agree that the established MDM solutions from IBM, Informatica, SAS, SAP, Oracle, Orchestra, etc., can all deliver, cleanse, match, merge and can integrate sources and consumers of data with allowances to customize and extend their behaviour. These enterprise class solutions leverage established standards and infrastructure delivered in either on or off premise configurations. We’ll further assume that the Customer domain is well served along with Product, Location and Asset to varying degrees of ability and competency.

  • Where do the emerging technologies fit?  
  • Have companies accepted cloud based solutions for their most valued data assets?  
  • Are people using Hadoop or Graph databases in MDM solutions yet?
  • Will they enhance or supplant the existing solutions?  
  • Where does the tech hype cycle end and the business value begin?


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