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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

12:45 PM - 2:15 PM


Adam White, MDM & Data Governance Specialist, GLOBAL DATA COMPETENCY

Struggling with the key decisions needed to implement MDM? Do you know the difference between implementation practices that support the software vendor vs using best practices for implementation that supports your organization? Knowing the difference between MDM implementation styles and how they support your business is critical to understanding what you need when you are looking for an MDM solution to support your MDM endeavors. Understand the purpose of each MDM style and how to identify the MDM style that supports your needs. Know the critical path to MDM implementation. What are the main activities needed to support your MDM implementation and what activities are unnecessary? How important is SOA architecture to your MDM success? Know the functionality that needs to be in place to support MDM.

  • Providing explanations of MDM architecture in terms everyone understands, including the Business sponsors
  • Understanding the functionality that is supported by each MDM implementation style
  • Identifying implementation approaches that cause rework later instead of being foundational
  • Avoiding pitfalls that cause MDM implementations to fail
  • Best Practices: Mastering Product Data

Product Mastering, as a concept, has been around as long as Customer Mastering. However, the maturity for Product Mastering in the industry is still catching up with the accomplishments that have been made for Customer Mastering. Where does an organization start with Product Mastering? What are the key decisions that need to be made to ensure that Product MDM is supporting your business model? How does IT ensure an implementation approach that will lay a foundation that will support both your enterprise operations and regulatory requirements? These and other vital questions will be discussed by addressing:

  • Understanding key differences between MDM domains, i.e., CDI (Customer Data Integration) and PIM (Product Information Management)
  • Leveraging the relationship of Product MDM to MES, PLM, ERP, and CRM
  • Overcoming weaknesses in currently marketed Product MDM solutions


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