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Thursday, June 28, 2012

10:00 AM - 10:45 AM


Marc Smith, Principal Solution Architect, SAS CANADA
Tanja Gilsin, Senior Technology Architect, Data Quality Management Program lead, TELUS

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Organizations are turning to IT to collaborate effectively with their business counterparts to leverage their data asset to deliver game changing value. IT is asked to deliver in an age marked by increasing volume, variety and velocity of data. The business has upped the pressure by insisting that information and analytics be delivered real-time to the point of decision, that new sources of data are harvested effectively, and that all forms of devices and delivery vehicles are supported. Information Management is the application of techniques that allow organizations to fully exploit and govern their information assets resulting in better decisions, competitive differentiation, and sustained business success. Information governance facilitates collaboration for key IT and business stakeholders to manage and control data and information as a corporate asset and ensure that it can be used reliability to improve productivity throughout the enterprise.

In this keynote, attendees will hear how to engage in MDM and Data Governance best practices such as:

  • Establishing the business drivers for sustainable MDM
  • Staging enterprise data governance via multiple entry points, applying both top-down and bottom-up approaches
  • Leveraging lessons learned from a real-life data governance initiative in a large scale organization

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