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Thursday, June 28, 2012

4:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Track: Master Data Management (CDI/PIM/RDM) View Track


Joseph Likuski, Lead Architect, Enterprise Applications, ROYAL BANK OF CANADA

During 2012, corporate MDM platform evaluation teams will assume (and often insist) that all enterprise-level MDM software platforms fully support both PARTY and PRODUCT entity types. By 2012, large enterprises will also mandate that “reference data management” (RDM) be part of the MDM platform native entity types. RDM is often used in a read-only manner by operational, analytical, and definitional systems. It can be defined internally, or specified externally by standards bodies groups (ISO, ANSI, etc.), and can have a taxonomy (e.g., hierarchy). Unfortunately, such reference data is often isolated in silos, i.e., reference data exists in every system in the enterprise architecture yet each system has a different subset, format and internal representation – and often no agreed upon internal standard for specific reference data. In this session, a seasoned MDM veteran will explain how to prepare a RDM strategy for your enterprise by discussing:

  • Providing governance, process, security, audit control around reference data mastering
  • Managing the complex mappings between different reference data representations across the enterprise
  • Arbitrating the use of external reference data standards within the enterprise

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