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Thursday, June 28, 2012

1:45 PM - 2:30 PM
Track: Master Data Management (CDI/PIM/RDM) View Track


David Borean, VP Products, INFOTRELLIS

To say there is “big hype” around “big data” is now cliché. Many companies have put structure around their master data but much of their corporate data and external data, such as social media data, remains outside their master data environment and untapped. There is a constant buzz about how fast this data is growing and how organizations will fall behind if they don’t turn it into information for insight and action. This is why many organizations have been experimenting with big data such as analyzing tweets for customer sentiment or analyzing weblogs for understanding clickstreams. Some organizations are more advanced in their use of big data and others are anxiously planning their next steps. However, we shouldn’t forget all of the hard lessons we’ve learned in the past as organizations move from experimenting with big data to embracing it for analytics and other activities. Thankfully the topic of “big data governance” is surfacing more and more. Savvy enterprises are now recognizing that in order to trust the outcome of big data analytics we have to apply data quality, understand and track lineage, address privacy and customer consent and manage the lifecycle of big data. So this begs the question: what is MDM’s role in this? This session will discuss the importance of MDM and big data analytics. Specifically:

  • Understanding the relationship between master data, MDM, big data, big data analytics & “social MDM” – e.g., how master data can help address privacy & consent for using public info
  • Formalizing MDM’s role in matching & merging unstructured data & social media data such as Tweets & Facebook posts to internal data such as customer & product records
  • Creating an action plan to re-think data stewardship in the big data world & to derive insights from big data analytics to both validate & enrich master data

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