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Thursday, June 28, 2012

11:15 AM - 12:00 PM


Craig Van Spall, Senior Project Manager & Principal Consultant, SENIOR PROJECT MANAGER & PRINCIPAL CONSULTANT

An MDM program is very likely one of the more ambitious programs that business and IT could be asked to launch. How do you build a business case for MDM? Given the complexity and relative lack of best practices available, how does an organization prepare for the unknown? How do you construct a business case with stakeholder support? Why are "Lean" process improvements and data quality an important part of the business case? How is Master Data a foundation for Big Data? How do you design for an effective solution? What are the current state sources of truth in the various IT systems – HRIS, CRM, ERP, financial systems, fraud, web, contact centre, and others? What will be the future states of the MDM solution - the data structures, hierarchies, data governance, reference data, data quality, versioning, audit, data interchange, data as a service, security, and technology choices are all fundamental to building this solution. How can you convert all this into a proof of concept, quantify the ROI, and quickly put up an effective prototype? What issues are involved in promoting the plan and implementing the program?

We look at the answers to these questions by highlighting experiences derived from a number of recent Canadian MDM successes, focusing on the importance of:

  • Demonstrating results quickly to stakeholders
  • Selecting a robust yet flexible technology platform for "master data as a service"
  • Establishing the proper program governance (support, stewardship, & continual improvements) to ensure sustainable MDM

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