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Thursday, June 28, 2012

2:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Track: Master Data Management (CDI/PIM/RDM) View Track


Baba Piprani, Data Architect, METAGLOBAL SYSTEMS

The term ‘Master Data’ brings up multiple interpretations and connotations, especially with vendors espousing the “single version of the truth”. Is there a single version of the truth? Practical realities suggest that we need to continue to live with existing versions – at least until the “single version” is reached. So how do we handle the co-existence of “multiple versions” of the truth? This presentation examines the scope of what master data is using a MDM metamodel, the types of master data, and criteria for determining master data. The MDM metamodel also visits master data administration, privileges, and master data services including change management, metadata migration and data migration for master data. The presentation then compares the usage of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) based approach in a non-Master Data-driven Data Warehouse vs. a Master Data-driven Data Warehouse. The presentation then summarizes how and where dramatic savings in application development and maintenance can be achieved at various architectural component interfaces when comparing the non-MDM driven vs. MDM-driven SOA based approaches in Data Warehousing.

Attending this session, attendees will learn about best practices such as:

  • Exploring a MDM metamodel including laying scope boundaries in your organization
  • Criteria for determining Master Data, MDM administration & governance
  • Adapting a SOA-based approach to MDM in Data Warehousing

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