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Thursday, June 28, 2012

2:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Track: Data Governance (Sponsored by: Stream Integration) View Track


Aaron Zornes, Chief Research Officer, THE MDM INSTITUTE

Given the substantial investment that enterprises undertake with SI partners, the selection of the appropriate partner(s) must be given considerable scrutiny - not only to contain costs, but to insure success of these vital corporate MDM and MDG initiatives. Implementation partners such as systems integrators and specialist consultancies are more important than ever – not just because of the services: software ratio for such projects (universally ascribed as approaching 4:1) but precisely because of an ongoing severe shortage of experienced MDM and MDG professionals. In a recent MDM Institute survey of more than 275 such programs, systems integrators (SIs) have been seen as essential to the success of the majority of MDM and MDG projects, yet previously incumbent SIs are becoming less dominant. Expert assistance from SIs will remain especially critical and problematic to the success of MDM programs during 2012-13 as organizations deal with a shortage of tools, experience, and tool expertise.

This session includes findings from a year-long readiness assessment of more than 75 leading consultancies to provide a balanced view of:

  • Understanding why SIs are essential to the success of your MDM and MDG projects
  • Structuring how an enterprise should evaluate the capabilities of "new" potential SI partners
  • Orienteering the SI landscape for both the traditional leaders as well as the new "dark horses"

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