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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10:45 AM - 11:30 AM
Track: Master Data Management PIM & RDM Track: Sponsored by Informatica View Track


Gregg Casey, President, MDM Solution Architect; MDM consultant, CARPE DIEM INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES INC.; TEACH FOR AMERICA
Josh Byun, EVP, Enterprise Shared Services, TEACH FOR AMERICA

Anyone in the MDM world knows better than most about the value of Data Governance. We discuss, design and architect complex and (hopefully) elegant systems to keep our sales people connected to our customers, marketing people well informed, finances running smoothly, etc. However, often we leave out our biggest tiny assets: "reference data." Even when we buy a new house most of us look at how many rooms it has, its square footage, bathrooms, living room, man cave, etc. We never look at the nails, screws, and bolts that hold the whole thing together. But, if we don’t want our home to crash violently into our living room, we need to pay attention to those tiny fasteners. That’s what reference data is— "tiny fasteners that hold our Master Data’s home together." So why do we deprive it of being mastered as fully and elegantly as the rest of our data? In this session, the speaker will discuss the importance of formally maintaining reference data. He will even assert that to do so can actually save you time in design, development, implementation and maintenance of your master data environment!

  • Marketing governance of reference data as a key element of an MDM program
  • Overcoming workflow and metadata integration challenges of current vendor-marketed Data Governance solutions
  • Cost savings in design, development, implementation and maintenance of your master data environment via a Reference Hub.


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