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5:05 PM - 5:50 PM


EXPERT PANEL: Best Practices in Data Governance


Mano Bashyam
Chief Architect, CorpApps, Yahoo!

Corri Russell
Director Customer Data Intelligence, McGraw-Hill

John Zacharakis
Data Manager, Actelion Pharmaceutical


Session Description

Governance is one of the distinctive characteristics of "enterprise MDM" when contrasted against traditional data integration programs.  Improving the degree of business stakeholder cooperation is critical - especially in terms of stewardship, data quality and decision rights.  In this session, seasoned MDM professionals will share how to solve the unique data governance challenges posed by enterprise MDM projects.

  • Overcoming the governance barriers typically found in MDM programs
  • Building a strong business case to ensure initial data governance funding & successful program execution
  • Integrating people & processes via the institutionalization of data governance to integrate, measure & manage metrics within the context of the master data lifecycle



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