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3:55 PM - 4:25 PM


CASE STUDY: Implementing Metrics-Driven Data Governance


Corri Russell
Director Customer Data Intelligence, McGraw-Hill


Session Description


In 2011, MDM and data governance are more about understanding how to engage your business processes successfully and who within your business is responsible. The specific focus on streamlining data can put pressure on your company to compete in today’s marketplace unless you have a detailed data plan in mind. At Platts, McGraw-Hill’s energy information division, the implementation for data governance was a necessary one.  This session will share how Platts crafted a data governance program focused on customer data.  You will learn how multiple Platts stakeholders including marketing, sales and finance were brought together to establish a metrics dashboard and a data governance council with core focus on addressing the needs of the business.  Specifically, this session will focus on the ins and outs of implementation, best practices in selecting a platform, and approaches for gaining executive buy-in and organizing a team. Highlights include:

  • Defining your data governance goals and developing an Action Plan on how to meet those goals
  • Reiterating the importance of data governance and how to get everyone on board with the processes
  • Designating a team to manage the process and determining next steps to maintain the momentum



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