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2:50 PM - 3:20 PM


CASE STUDY: Successfully Selling an Enterprise MDM Program to the Executive Team


John Head
Program/Solution Leader,

Scott Salter
Senior Director of Enterprise Data & Shared Services,


Session Description

Are your business users complaining about wasting time searching for, managing and reconciling inconsistent customer data from multiple sources? Are you struggling to build and sell a business-focused financial case to the executive team for an MDM program to help solve these business challenges?

This case study highlights’s successful approach to building and selling a compelling business case for MDM to address enterprise customer operational and analytical needs.  The presentation will be given by the two individuals who created the vision, approach and implementation plan to sell a large infrastructure initiative with very significant business return within the first 18 months. Specific topics to be addressed include:

  • Building a compelling business-focused approach to convince the executive team to begin an MDM program
  • Making MDM “real” to the executive team to gain financial and operational support
  • Projecting expected business capabilities delivered from a successful MDM program



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