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2:00 PM - 2:45 PM


TRACK KEYNOTE: Product Master Data Management for Today’s Enterprise


Sachin Patel
Director of Product Strategy, Product Hub Applications, Oracle


Session Description

Today businesses struggle to boost operational efficiency and meet new product launch deadlines due to poor and cumbersome administrative processes. One of the primary reasons enterprises are unable to achieve cohesion is due to various domain silos and fragmented product data . This adversely affects business performance including, but not limited to, excess inventories, under-leveraged procurement spend, downstream invoicing or order errors and lost sales opportunities. In this session, you will learn the key elements and business processes that are required for you to master an enterprise product record. Additionally you will gain insights into how to improve the accuracy of your data and deliver reliable and consistent product information across your enterprise. This provides a high level of confidence that business managers can achieve their goals. In this session, you will understand how adopting a Master Data Management strategy for product information can help your enterprise change course towards a more profitable, competitive and successful business.


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