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8:30 AM - 9:30 AM


Welcome and Conference Chair Keynote: Go Early, Go Governance


Aaron Zornes
Chief Research Officer, The MDM Institute


Session Description

Enterprise-level master Data Governance that spans the entire master data is extremely difficult to execute for both organizational and technical issues. Yet increasingly this is being mandated as a core deliverable of most large-scale MDM projects. In 2011, both major systems integrators and boutique consultancies will focus on productizing their Data Governance frameworks / methodologies while MDM software providers struggle to link upstream Data Governance processes with downstream MDM hubs. By 2012, all mega vendor MDM solutions will evolve from passive aggressive Data Governance mode to active Data Governance wherein they provide the capabilities to capture business rules, which in turn are propagated into an MDM hub.

This keynote will focus on a set of strategic planning assumptions facing IT organizations during 2011-2012 and beyond by highlighting strategies for:

  • Kick-starting master Data Governance as a prerequisite to Phase One
  • Partnering with service providers to get to the next level of Data Governance maturity
  • Planning for the next generation of MDM & Data Governance capabilities to provide total” party view -- semantic databases, deep web search, etc.



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