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12:45 PM - 2:15 PM


Pre-Conference Workshop Group B (Registration Requires Additional Fee): Workshop 3- MDM Reference Architectures Tutorial


Adam White
MDM & Data Governance Specialist, Global Data Competency


Session Description

Knowing the difference between MDM implementation styles and how they support your business is critical the understanding what you need when you are looking for an MDM product to support your MDM endeavors.  Understand the purpose of each MDM style and how to identify the MDM style that supports your needs.  Know the critical path to MDM implementation.  What are the main activities needed to support your MDM implementation and what activities are unnecessary.  How important is SOA architecture to your MDM success.  Know the functionality that needs to be in place to support MDM.

  • MDM architecture explained in terms every one understands, including the Business
  • Avoid pitfalls that cause MDM implementations to fail
  • Understand the functionality that is supported by each MDM implementation style



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