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Thursday, June 16, 2011

2:35 PM - 3:05 PM
Track: Master Data Services Track: Sponsored by Adastra View Track


Paul Childerhose, Associate Director, Global Reference Data, RBC CAPITAL MARKETS OPERATIONS
Mark Cowan, Managing Partner, BROADSTREET DATA


Central to any financial institutions ability to effectively manage itself in the marketplace is its treatment of master data.  In the capital markets, master data can be customer, product as it can be the security.   The security is the tradable instrument such as an equity, bond, and derivative, contract that can be used within a number of financial scenarios.   For financial institutions is absolutely essential to have the security master data completely accurate all the time.   Delivering accurate information to downstream systems and clients in a consistent, reliable and scalable manner is central to the operations and the company’s competitive ability. Discussed in this session are the approaches and techniques to defining the master data management roadmap in the context of modernization demands, massive market pulls for real time information amid multiple operating theatres and multiple regulatory oversight layers.

  • Exposing the true cost of data management as a key component of the business case
  • Leveraging internal and sunk cost assets amid a changing landscape
  • Positioning technology as the delivery of master data but not the owner


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